A growth-oriented focus with a limited number of partnerships in business services


Business Services Focus

Erie Street is exclusively dedicated to the business services sector.  We have deep experience and understanding in marketing services, consulting, and strategic communications.  We apply operational excellence, managerial experience, and strategic capital into highly disrupted and changing business environments.

Our heritage has been starting, investing in, and growing businesses where people are the primary asset.  Over 30 years of direct investment, management, and entrepreneurial experience in the industry support Erie Street investors and management teams.

Financial Partnership

Combining equity capital from Erie Street, institutional investors, and family offices, Erie Street targets initial portfolio investments with EBITDA of $10M or more, deploying total equity capital of $100-200M in a focused number of portfolio companies and their follow-on acquisitions. To-date, Erie Street has made an investment with Investcorp and select family offices in ICR, an Investor Relations business headquartered in Norwalk, CT.


Execution Focus

Erie Street differentiates itself with concentration on a limited number of portfolio companies and a prioritization of generating enterprise value through managerial excellence over financial engineering.

Working closely with the management team, Erie Street helps to identify key growth initiatives focused on the development of new company offerings as well as geographic expansion and M&A.  With a 30+ year history as operators, Erie Street creates a true partnership between management teams, employees, and investors.