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Take a decidedly different
approach to next-level growth.

As technology, cultural shifts, and market movements continue to disrupt entire industries, static and formulaic playbooks are not sufficient to unlock next-level growth. Erie Street has transformed the playbook to focus on the highest priority drivers of value.

Erie Street company services

We create value from disruption
in service-led businesses.

Disruptive growth

Technology, cultural shifts, and market movements continue to disrupt the way business is done — and the way value is created and perceived. These disruptions have the power to create transformational growth opportunities for organizations and people.

In a world where disruption is the new normal and the drivers of value continue to change, we believe it’s time for new types of value creation partnerships as well. Our partnerships are designed to capitalize on rapidly changing business environments to power transformation and achieve outsized outcomes.

Service expertise

In today’s transformational environment, business services organizations need a partner with the operational experience to see beyond risk and the entrepreneurial courage to capture growth.

Erie Street’s team of business-builders has partnered with founders and management teams of service-led businesses for over 30 years, growing companies in consulting, strategic communications, digital and marketing services — spanning start-up through initial public offering.

Family offices partner with us because of
our approach to next-level growth

Disruption is the new normal. As a result, the rules of value creation partnerships have changed. Erie Street has been ahead of the curve in defining an approach that goes beyond the traditional portfolio playbook. Partners are embracing our approach, and investors are finding value in it.

Investor-forward approach

Our network of 45+ family offices choose Erie Street for our non-traditional structure and investor-friendly terms. We find unique opportunities and invest to build enduring companies, creating long-term value and investment potential.

Proven business builders

We bring 30+ years of experience successfully starting, buying, and selling businesses. Our team has operational experience in consulting, strategic communications, digital media, and marketing services – spanning start-up through initial public offering.

Access to co-investment opportunities

Erie Street gives you and your family office tremendous flexibility with your level of investment and involvement. Co-investment opportunities give you the ability to choose how to invest your capital — at your discretion.

Successful track record

Together, with our family office investors, we bring strategic capital and transformational guidance to business services organizations in disrupted environments to maximize potential and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Flexible options
for deeper investment.

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The structure of Erie Street gives you and your family office tremendous flexibility with your involvement. Co-investments give you the opportunity to choose how and where to invest your capital — at your discretion.

We seek investors
aligned with our values.


We treat everyone with the respect and kindness we expect for ourselves. Services-led businesses are essentially people helping people, and we ensure kindness is at the center of every interaction.


Finding new ways to unlock next-level growth demands thinking beyond the expected and obvious. We seek to constantly question concepts and processes in order to improve — and uncover the next opportunity.


Overcoming continuous waves of disruption requires an inner strength to remain steadfast, to ask the tough questions, to ensure honesty and integrity in everything, and to attack challenges on the way to next-level growth.

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Looking for a different approach to next-level growth?

We go beyond the traditional portfolio playbook to create value from disruption.