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Dan Lauderback

Dan Lauderback Strategic Advisor

As a 30-year Accenture veteran with extensive global leadership experience, and as a former CTO and COO, Dan serves as a key member of Erie Street’s advisory board, partnering with the executive team on business strategy, operations, and leadership.

Dan designs and leads highly successful businesses, and currently serves as a board member and advisor to companies, private equity firms, and non profit groups. Recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer at GTY Technology, a cloud-based software company. During his 30-year tenure at Accenture, Dan led several global businesses in technology, mobile, health, media and communications, and public service, while also a member of Accenture’s Global Leadership Council, which is responsible for the strategic and operating direction of the company and its employees.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Michigan State University and his Master of Science in Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently the Chairman of the Art & Paper Conversation Company; serves as a Senior Consultant to Ares Global Management; is on the Board of Directors at Openlands; and is the Executive Chairman of the Lauderback Family Foundation.